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Composite filter

A composite filter made by combining more than one material can filter a variety of substances from large dust to fine dust, microbes and chemicals such as formaldehyde in one filter.

Composite activated carbon filter

By adding activated carbon material to the filter composed of melt blown and support, we are developing a filter with not only the ability to remove fine dust but also deodorization of harmful substances.

Air purifier clean ability test

The performance of air purifiers and air purifier filters is primarily based on their ability to remove particles and remove harmful substances. This laboratory tests the performance of air purifiers and filters for air purifiers to ensure the best air cleaning ability.

Clean ability test

An air purifier is installed in a closed chamber, and the ability to clean the air is verified through a test that removes fine dust or harmful substances inside the chamber.

Next generation Electric mat

We are developing a warmer and safer electric mat by using next-generation materials such as Graphite film and Metal ink, away from the usual electric mats with heated wires installed

Next generation Electric mat

We are developing an electric mat that uses planar heating elements such as Graphite film, Metal ink, etc. that can heat a wide range with little power by replacing the heating wire that only heats a small area.